Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nailed It: OPI Brazil

My nails were in baaaaaaad shape, so sadly, I trimmed them down.  Somehow short nails don't ask me to bedazzle them as much.  So, I've been going with solid colors until my nails grow back.  And since spring has sprung, I ordered my two picks from the new OPI 2014 Spring Collection, Brazil.  They are very beautiful and complimentary to my skin tone.  I'm happy with my picks.

-Shirley (Mama-Ruff)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Life Lessons with Hung Elephants

The elephant was a "big" hit.

A few minutes after this picture was taken, the elephant let out a few big sh!ts and then doused the floor with his pachyderm-piss.  Although the elephant's peenix was HUNG nearly touching the floor, and all the parents were looking away uncomfortably and talking about the weather - I thought this would be a GREAT time for some potty-training re-inforcement (since I'm delighted to announce that Diego has finally acknowledged that thing called a potty!)

"Look at that crazy elephant!" I yelled.  "He's going Pee-Pee and Caca!  Someone tell that crazy elephant that he needs to use the bathroom if he needs to go pee-pee and caca!  Right Diego?"


Reinforcement success.  Another win for mama!

The other parents at the zoo should have been glad that I helped re-inforce potty-training basics.  More-over they should thank their lucky stars I'm not at the "birds & the bees" stage where I'd need to teach Diego about elephants with ginormous peenixes.

-Shirley (Mama-Ruff)

P.S. This was the first outing where Diego went caca in the toilet while we were out!  Was that TMI? Ok, that was too much.  I get it.....

He was anticipating the giraffes.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Musings of a Little Man

I've likened Diego's running style to that of Captain Jack Sparrow.  It's spot on!  Yes, my son runs like a girl!!!

Although he is very much a boy with his dinosaurs, godzillas, and constant wrestling matches with his brother, he's occasionally shown me a more "feminine side" that surprises me everytime.

For example, he notices each time that I paint my nails in a different shade and will often comment and muse over the color.  On the contrary, I sometimes wonder if my husband is only able to see shades of gray.

And just the other night, I received a reward in the mail (after being recognized at work).  I had ordered a Michael Kors Paved Heart necklace with my rewards point.  I wore it all last night...... and Hubby barely blinked.

But Diego.......  Now you know he noticed!  As I pulled him out of his car seat this morning I noticed him eyeballing the shiny heart.  And he said, "Mama, you're wearing a small heart" and he clutched it in his hands and smiled.  Not only did he notice that I had a new piece of jewelry, but he also made the comparison to my other favorite piece of jewelry that I wear all the time......

....... my "Big" paved heart necklace.

Time will probably pass and one day he'll fall down the testosterone-filled rabbit hole and come out the other side running like Colin Kaepernick and color-blind like his father.  But it felt good at that moment, for my subtle jewelry statement to be noticed by my little man.

Got recognized for doing my job and got this Michael Kors Pave Heart Necklace with part of my rewards points. Recognition is pretty ;)

-Shirley (Mama Ruff)

Monday, March 3, 2014

February 2014 - Month in Pics

Each day that has passed, I intended to post, but as usual I got caught up matters of life and paying the bills - until lo' and behold: the month is over and all I can do is an end-of-month, Pic-post.  So here goes:

My February started off slow enough, and San Francisco got some much needed rain.  We took Diego to see the thing that matters most in this world, animatronic dinosaurs!

Valentine's Day was remarkably pleasant, but it spurred what I have referred to as "Puke-fest" by the end of the day.  Diego got Mateo sick, then Mateo got me sick, and the viscious domino effect continued.  I basically bathed in puke for days.  The very next week after Puke fest, we traded in the old, still puke-soiled BMW (aka. Seniorita BMW) for a new (pre-owned) 4-Runner (aka. Senior 4-Runner) and were off to Lake Tahoe to break Senior in with a road trip!  Hubs referred to the BMW as "Seniorita" because she was high maintenance and not aging gracefully!

Just before we went on our road trip, Diego got a cold and then got Mateo sick, and then got my husband sick and the viscous domino effect continued!  Despite the spreading virus, and lack of good snow (I guess the rain was not good enough!), we made the most of our trip to Lake Tahoe.

And to give you an update, this week Diego is battling major and painful constipation.  I seriously hope that Diego stops starting trends as of NOW!  No wonder I haven't posted in a few weeks.  We're one big, infested family!!!!!  Thank goodness computer screens aren't contagious!

2014February_InstagramPics_1 2014February_InstagramPics_2 2014February_InstagramPics_3 2014February_InstagramPics_5 2014February_InstagramPics_6