Monday, August 5, 2013

July Recap... Damn it's been a Month!

I didn't mean to go missing from this blog for so long.  Damn it!  It bugs me that I can't keep my blog posts going at a steady rate.  I'm going to regret it 15 years later when the kids are off to college.  Each time I have one of my lulls in blogging, I hear my middle school science teacher's voice saying, "Shirley, you have so much potential, but your inconsistent." - blah, blah, blah.  Screw you Mr. X, for being right!!!!

Anyway I had a good reason for being away (at least for July).  I hosted my sister's baby shower at the end of July.  I had to make my first neice's celebration extremely special.  Not only because of my neice, but because my sister is extremely picky. LOL!  Anyway, most everything was hand-made for the party, and so every waking minute that I had, I worked on this damn baby shower.  For the ENTIRE MONTH.....
I'm serious guys.  Dishes took longer to get washed, laundry heaps got larger, and vacuuming?  No time for vaccuuming.  My area rug may as well been made out of Golden Retriever fur.  Luckily, I had some shower help from 3 of my sister's friends, my sister herself, and my new Cricut machine.  I had been needing an excuse to get one, and MAN!  Do I LOVE that machine!

And yes with my Cricut machine, I went a little crazy with the shower planning, but wouldn't you?   I complained about how there wasn't enough time for this shower, and yet at the last minute I took on a crazy project of personally etching stainless steel bottle openers with some MacGuyver sh!t I found on YouTube.  I could've died.  It was awesome. (Pic with the nail polish party favors below)

Throw in a national holiday, a bridal shower, and Folks - you got yourself my month of July!  How was yours???

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-Shirley (Mama Ruff)

P.S.  July Recap video in ~30 seconds