Meet the Ruffs

An average latin family kickin' it in the suburbs near San Francisco, CA.  Testosterone is high in the house, and mama has her work cut out for her!

MamaRuff_Shirley She's a full-time, happily married working Mami, who'd rather be crafting, blogging, or enjoying the sun's rays while her kids play.  She tries not to take life too seriously and light-heartedly cracks jokes to get by.  She spent years as a technical editor and somehow ended up in a Quality IT role, and now longs for creative outlets like writing on this blog so she can remember how to use commas.  She gets through her working-mom days by scheduling and list-making and when she thinks she's finally got this motherhood thing down, her little Ruffians always throw her a curve-ball.   Her hobbies include reading mom and fashion blogs, video-editing, making wire jewelry, and taking pics of her spawn lovely boys.
She's embarrassed to admit:
-She turns the car audio up when George Michael is playing.  Careless Whisper... yes please!
-She's addicted to ghetto reality TV shows
-She can't do math in her head, even though she has a finance degree


He's just your average anti-social networking, conspiracy theorist and claims no relationship to this blog!  OK, so that was a bit of an exaggeration; sort of.  He's a bread-winning, work-a-holic managing his own company like a shark, and yet melts into a spineless jelly-fish when it comes to saying "no" to his children.  Oh, what love can do to a man!


Nicknamed "DD" which has morphed to "OCDD" because he has a cow when things are a little "off"(OCD).  He's a three-year old who enjoys playing with his dinosaurs and helicopters, catapulting off of the couch, pretending to be an airplane on a swing, taking over Dada-ruff's iPad, and messing with his little brother. He goes to weekly speech therapy, and has finally been converted into a constantly-mimicking parrot.


Nicknamed "Matayto-Potato" aka "Tater".  He's a one-year old tater-tot that enjoys going out, dancing, climbing on things, and stealing the iPad from his brother who stole it from Dada-ruff.  He enjoys a delicious culinary experience and has a special bond with Qori (Ruff-Ruff below). 


(Name sounds like "Corey").  He's an eight-year old golden retriever with a heart of gold who moves at the speed of darkness.  SLOW!  You'll often find his 85lb body sprawled across the floor directly in the path of foot traffic, and when you ask him to move you'll be lucky if he even flinches or looks at you.  His hobbies include swimming, annihilating paper, and going on hikes.  He's not your typical dog when it comes to food.  He doesn't beg; he's too high-class for that nonsense!  He believes that the food will come to him and he MIGHT throw you a sideways glance in your direction saying, "I'm looking, but I'm not looking, so give me that food now!".  He follows Mama-ruff into any room that she's in, but doesn't care too much for snuggling although Mama-ruff sees to that!

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