Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 2013 Recap: Instagram and 1 Second EveryDay Video Style

Wow!  I thought I'd neglected this blog for a couple weeks, but man!  It's almost been a month!  I guess all my free time (what free time?) is being taken up planning for my sister's baby shower (I bought a Cricut machine and it's been a highlight of my month.  Man!  I'm such a crafting loser!).   I've also been fighting a war on ants in my house (they're cray-cray!)

So June was filled with lots of weekend outings from a trip to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, to a benefit concert at AT&T Park, to visiting Lemos Farm, and ending with a trip to Lake Tahoe.  But to get the real scoop on what my Ruffians have been up to, watch the video below, won't you?  It's an iPhone app my sister turned me onto. 1 Second Every Day.  And I thought it was perfect to start adding to these month-end recap posts!

The beauty and simplicity of it is why a video obsessed girl like me loves it and hates it.  I found my self instead searching for "5 seconds everyday", or at least "3 seconds everyday", because 1 second everyday just isn't enough.  No cigar.  It just wouldn't be the same.

If you make anything with the app, please share with me.  I love to see what other people create!


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